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Georgian law allows foreigners to purchase any type of property with the option of closing a deal remotely. Every buyer must be registered in a State register in order to confirm their property rights. The Public Services Hall can be used to register property rights and to conclude sales and purchase agreements.

There are few options for financing a property purchase; developers offer mortgage programs, and Georgian banks will issue mortgages to owners. The Georgian government allows foreigners to apply for mortgage loans under the same terms as citizens.

In theory, the conditions for issuing mortgages for residents and non-residents are the same, but there are some differences to consider, such as your source of income.

Non-residents typically pay 30% of the cost of the property as a down payment, with Georgian banks typically lending up to 70% of the value of the property for a period not exceeding ten years.

Loans in euros, US dollars, and Georgian lari (GEL) are available to foreigners. There is one exception for Georgian citizens. If the issued amount is less than 200,000 GEL, the mortgage must be in the national currency.

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