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At Makler Estate, we work closely with a variety of interior designers, decorators, and architects. That can assist you with all aspects of space planning, documentation, finish selection, and project management.

Our interior design specialists, who specialize in residential and commercial developments, are talented and creative, with the confidence to visualize your requirements and the ability to communicate the concepts to the manufacturers and installers.

Their job varies depending on the sector, project, and client requirements.

Creating concept, layout, and detailed drawing packages.

Creating sample boards for new projects  Collaborating with the client to ensure designs meet the desired specifications

Determining the space requirements to ensure that the interior space is functional. Choosing the appropriate furniture and decorative items to renovate the spaces.

Overseeing the process from conceptualization to execution of the final design. Coordination of a team of engineers, architects, and designers for space planning; leadership of the design team and all project phases in progress.

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