Bakuriani is Georgia’s second largest and oldest winter resort, founded in 1935. Today, it is a world-class mountain and ski center with the ideal environment for Winter Olympic sports and amateur skiers alike in the colder months, and extreme mountain sports or family-friendly vacations in the summer.

Th resort is located on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range, in the Borjomi Municipality, at the elevation of 1.700 meters above the sea level. Bakuriani is about 180 kilometers away from Tbilisi and 30 kilometers away from Borjomi.


Bakuriani is a place that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists, with 23 different ski trails divided by difficulty level. Skiing is available for beginners, intermediates, and advanced skiers from December to April. In addition to skiing, the resort offers horseback riding, ice skating, a children’s park, and snowmobiles.


Bakuriani’s climate is well-known for its natural treatment benefits, which is one of the reasons why many visitors visit the resort throughout the year. The fresh air of the high mountains, the long days of sunlight, and the spruce and beech forests all contribute to a therapeutic climate year-round, making Bakuriani a place for three generations and four seasons, providing you with a healthy environment and a wealth of entertainment options.


Most importantly, Bakuriani has numerous advantages over other ski resorts. Bakuriani is prevalent in entertainment and recreation opportunities. There are numerous types of skiing trails available for skiers, as well as suggested locations for non-skiers. There are numerous restaurants, amusement parks, skating rinks, sleds, and snow scooters available. Markets can be found almost anywhere in the city, which is convenient for daily life.

Given its proximity to Tbilisi, Bakuriani is one of Georgia’s most popular ski resorts.

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