Racha is a historical region in northwestern Georgia known as a mountain paradise on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus. This region is a spectacular blend of magnificent gorges and peaks, forests and alpine lakes, waterfalls and mineral springs, coastal beaches and historical monuments, wineries and local cuisine establishments. Racha is a favorite summer vacation spot for local residents due to its highland location and temperate climate, and in recent years, with growing infrastructure, it has slowly drawn the attention of international tourists seeking serenity retreats away from the hustle and bustle of big city life and busy touristic places.

Racha is divided into three sections that run along the Rioni River: the lower Racha, the upper Racha, and the mountain belt. South Ossetia and Lower Svaneti are to the north, Imereti to the south, Shida Kartli to the east, and Lechkhumi to the west. Ambrolauri is the administrative center of the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti regions, as well as the seat of the Ambrolauri Municipality, with a population of 2,015 in 2021.

The beauty of this region is that it has comfortable cool weather in the summer and is not tightly blocked by snowfalls in the winter, making it ideal for a year-round vacation destination. The mountain climate and mineral springs of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, sodium-calcium, and others make it an ideal location for diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, bile and urinary tract, lymphadenitis, secondary anemia, and others.

Public transportation from Kutaisi and Tbilisi to Racha is limited to daily fixed-route taxis that arrive and depart from Ambrolauri and Oni. Another option is to take a Vanilla Sky flight from Natakhtari to Ambrolauri. The flight is only 30 minutes long, and the town is served by the small but very convenient Ambrolauri airport, which has a few weekly flights to Natakhtari (Tbilisi).

Despite its mountainous terrain, Racha is home to some of the best Georgian wines (Khvachkara), many small family-run chateaus, and a thriving tourism industry with sanatoriums, camping, guest houses, glamping, and hotels developing in Racha, making the city and the entire region of Racha appealing for real estate investment.

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