Tbilisi is Georgia’s capital and largest city, with a population of over 1.5 million people, accounting for one-third of the country’s total population.

With its cosmopolitan nature and religious diversity, Tbilisi has been the cultural, political, and economic center of Georgia for over 15 centuries. You’ll see Georgian Orthodox churches, Armenian churches, Catholic churches, a mosque, and two synagogues as you walk the cobblestone streets and laneways of Old Tbilisi. Tbilisi also pays homage to approximately 40 national state and modern museums, as well as various art galleries, local fashion design houses, traditional and fusion restaurants, and various entertainment facilities, as well as the majority of the country’s universities, which are all located within the capital city.

Tbilisi’s residential fund in historic districts such as Old Tbilisi and Mtatsminda, which is a mixture of traditional wooden houses in the Italian style and architecture from the late nineteenth century, is rapidly updated and modernized through heritage conservation policies, making these areas appealing to investors in commercial real estate for restaurants, cafes, bars, and retail spaces.

Houses and hotels, on the other hand, are actively being built in the city, and investment in them can generate rental income (about 10-15% per year) or sale in 3-5 years (up to 40%). Buying Tbilisi real estate is also advantageous due to the numerous benefits that an investor can obtain.

Investing in real estate in Tbilisi means choosing the economic capital of a country that is only just beginning to open its potential to the rest of the world, but it already shows very strong signs of economic growth. All of these factors make the city appealing to foreign companies and investors from all over the world. Another reason why Tbilisi is the best city for investing is the high demand for real estate.

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